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Vascular Surgery

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Vascular Surgery
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In order to be able to offer our patients an optimal and individualized therapy in a timely manner, we work very closely in the vascular team with colleagues from cardiology, neurology, radiology, the emergency medicine and doctors in the region. For acute vascular diseases, we offer the fastest possible, high-quality care “around the clock”.

“Man is as old or as young as his vessels.”
(Rudolf Virchow, 1821-1902)

The remit of the vascular team is extensive. It ranges from artery and vein surgery to non-surgical (conservative) treatment methods.

All arterial and venous vascular diseases are diagnosed and treated in the Clinic for Vascular Surgery. Vascular diagnostics are both non-invasive by using duplex sonography, as well as invasive and semi-invasive using conventional angiography, computer angiography and magnetic resonance angiography.

In addition to the established open surgical procedures, the repertoire also includes interventional (catheter-mediated) procedures, such as balloon dilatation with and without stent implantation (internal vascular support), the implantation of stent-grafts (stent-supported vascular prostheses), and local catheter lysis of thrombosed vessels (medicinal Dissolution of blood clots), also in combination with an open surgical procedure, the hybrid procedures.

A narrowing of the carotid artery is caused by changes and deposits on the vessel wall. The reason for this is the aging process. This can be accelerated by certain risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. A severe narrowing, or even an occlusion, of the artery leading to the brain can lead to a circulatory disorder in the brain and – in the worst case – to a stroke with permanent damage.

Frequently, a narrowing of the carotid arteries is also discovered during an ultrasound examination without any symptoms having been noticed so far. Under these circumstances, you should seek advice from a specialist, to check which treatment options make sense in your individual case. The diagnostics and the indication are made individually for each patient within the vascular team and in close cooperation with the neurologist.

In the case of advanced narrowing of the carotid artery without symptoms, an operation can be considered as a primary prophylaxis. In the case of a narrowing of the carotid artery with warning symptoms that have already occurred or a stroke, you should be hospitalized immediately and – where possible and sensible – have a treatment promptly.

The intervention is usually performed under local anaesthesia. Through a puncture in the groin area, catheter-supported probing of the target vessel is carried out. A protective shield is placed in the vessel above the lesion. A stent is then implanted in the area of the lesion in order to restore the patency of the vessel.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. The affected carotid artery is exposed via a small incision and the calcification is peeled out. A small (“patch”) is then sewn in. The blood flow to the brain is guaranteed continuously. At the end of the operation, the success of the intervention is checked and confirmed using imaging methods.

The inpatient stay is usually only a few days. In this phase, the results are checked again. We recommend performing an ultrasound check three months after the operation. The supportive drug treatment should be continued permanently. Blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol should be checked regularly and optimally adjusted.

Performance Range

Innovative procedures through patient-adapted surgical techniques
We treat any type of vascular diseases using a minimally invasive (endovascular technique) or with open surgical technique.

We offer the following procedures:

Vessels lying above the aorta (supra aortic)

Carotid artery

  • Thrombendarteriectomy with patch-plastic
  • Eversion Carotid Endarterectomy
  • Interventional stenting

Vertebral artery

  • Open and interventional revascularization

Subclavian artery as well as arteries of the upper extremities

  • Removal of blood clots (Thromboembolectomy)
  • Anatomical and extraanatomical bypasses
  • Interventional revascularization, also as a hybrid intervention


Aortic Aneurysms

Aortic Dissections 

in section II + III

  • Endovascular stent-graft implantations (with or without debranching of supra aortic branches)

in section IV

  • Open surgical with reinsertion of the intestinal vessels and renal arteries
  • Interventional as a hybrid operation

in section V

  • Surgical aneurysm removal, replacement with a tube or Y-Prosthesis electively or as an emergency
  • Endovascular aneurysm repair by stent-graft prosthesis

Aortic occlusions

  • Implantation of aortobiiliac or -bifemoral Y-prostheses
  • Endovascular recanalization with stenting

Visceral and renal arteries



  • Open reconstruction with bypass
  • Thrombendarteriectomy
  • Interventional with PTA/stent

Pelvic and leg arteries


  • Open Thromboembolectomy
  • Interventional aspiration thrombectomy and lysis
  • Thrombendarteriectomy
  • All bypass procedures (iliacofemoral, aortofemoral, femorofemoral, femoro-popliteal, femoro-crural, femoro-pedal, popliteo-crural, popliteo-pedal)
  • Interventional PTA/stents of the pelvis, thigh and lower leg arteries (often combined as a hybrid intervention)

Aneurysms (femoralis, poplitea, lower leg vessels)

  • Femoropopliteal (femorocrural) bypass

Diabetic foot syndrome

  • All bypass procedures/interventional procedures and diabetic foot surgery

Amputation Surgery

  • Thigh
  • Lower leg
  • Foot
  • Toes

Vein surgery/phlebology

Vena cava

  • Open thrombectomy and patch plastic for closure
  • Open prosthesis replacement in case of tumor involvement

Pelvic veins and deep leg veins

  • Thrombectomy open surgical
  • Thrombectomy with interventional aspiration and recanalization procedures

 Varicose vein surgery

  • Stage-specific (crossectomy, vein stripping, perforating ligatures)
  • Endovenous therapy procedures

Shunt surgery

  • Implantation of Demers catheters
  • Implantation and revision interventions of all AV-fistulas / shunts
  • Implantation of HeRO-graft System
  • Implantation of port catheters
Last update date: 23-05-2024

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