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Pediatric Surgery

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Pediatric Surgery
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At Emirates Hospitals , our Pediatric Surgery Department, led by one of the finest pediatric surgeons in Dubai, provides comprehensive Pediatric Surgical Services for neonates, infants, and adolescents. We strive to provide state-of-the-art surgical services for newborns and children. Our level three NICU ensures that we are equipped to take care of critical cases as well. Our pediatric surgery team, in collaboration with the Pediatric and Neonatology Departments, offers comprehensive care for all kinds of pediatric surgical illnesses, led by a skilled pediatric surgeon in Dubai.

Why Choose Pediatric Surgery at Emirates Hospitals in Dubai?

At Emirates Hospitals, we understand the immense responsibility of entrusting your child’s care to a pediatric surgeon. Our Pediatric Surgery Department is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality surgical care for newborns, infants, and adolescents in a family-centered environment. Here’s what sets our department apart:


Experienced Team and Advanced Techniques

Our department is led by a team of highly skilled and experienced pediatric surgeons, all committed to open communication. They prioritize addressing your questions and concerns about your child’s treatment options. Our surgeons leverage the latest advancements in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including laparoscopy and thoracoscopy. These techniques offer numerous advantages for your child, including reduced pain, faster recovery times, and smaller scars. Whenever possible, our surgeons prioritize these minimally invasive approaches, promoting a smoother surgical experience for your child.

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Wide Range of Pediatric Surgical Needs:

  • Neonatal Surgery: Birth Defect and Anomaly Repair, Acute Surgical Neonatal Cases Management
  • Pediatric Day Case Surgery: Inguinal, Umbilical and Epigastric Hernia Repair, Circumcision, Undescended Testis, Hydrocele, Excisional Biopsy of Skin Lesion (Lipoma, Dermoid Cyst)
  • Pediatric Minimally Invasive Procedures for Diagnosis and Treatment: Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy
  • Pediatric Thoracic and Abdominal (GI) Surgery
  • Pediatric Urology: Undescended Testis, Hypospadias, Posterior Urethral Valve, Ureteric Reflux
  • Emergency Pediatric Surgery: Appendicitis, Intussusception, Testicular Torsion, Ovarian Cyst Torsion, Wounds Repair, Burns Treatment, Abscess I&D
  • Pediatric Hemangioma Management

Pediatric Surgeons in Dubai

At Emirates Hospitals we leverage advanced technology and collaborate closely with other pediatric specialists to ensure a seamless and personalized approach to your child’s well-being. To book your consultation with the best Pediatric Surgeon in Dubai Dr Sadeq Yaqoub Consultant Pediatric Surgeon contact us on 800 444 444.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our European Trained Dr Sadeq Yaqoub  is one of the best Consultant Pediatric Surgeons in Dubai.

Appendicitis, hernias, birth defects, and trauma are some conditions that may require surgery. However, our pediatric surgeon at Emirates Hospitals prioritizes collaborative care. They will work closely with you to explore all options and determine the best course of treatment for your child.

At Emirates Hospitals we provide Pediatric surgery includes minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, arthroscopy and open surgery for conditions like appendicitis, hernias and birth defects.

At Emirates Hospitals, we prioritize your child’s comfort after surgery. This includes pain management, close monitoring, a gradual return to regular diet, and follow-up appointments for a smooth recovery.

Dr Sadeq Yaqoub, Consultant Pediatric Surgeon is Available in both location at Emirates Hospital Jumeirah & Emirates Specialty Hospital Dubai Healthcare City.

Last update date: 23-05-2024

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