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Breast Care

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Breast Care
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Breast Cancer Surgery

At Emirates Hospital, we offer a full spectrum of services ranging from screening and risk assessment to diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of breast disorders. Our Breast Clinic is dedicated to providing bespoke breast care and helping women restore their breast health. Our breast surgeon focuses primarily on breast diseases and perform and interpret all diagnostic tests. At our facility, we offer mammograms and other breast imaging services, diagnostic evaluations, and advanced breast procedures. Our accomplished breast surgeon offers a wealth of expertise in the field of breast diagnostics and therapeutic interventions including state-of-the-art minimally invasive biopsy techniques, Mammography, as well as the latest advancements in managing and treating a wide array of breast problems.

  • Breast Cancer (Early Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow Up)
  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Breast Conserving Surgery
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Non Palpable Breast Lesions Surgeries
  • Breast Diseases (Diagnosis, Treatment and follow up)
  • All kinds of Mastectomies
  • Axillary Dissection
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy
  • Skin-sparing mastectomy
  • Mammogram
  • Breast Pain
  • Fibrocystic Breast Changes
  • Breast Cysts
  • Benign Breast Lumps
  • Lactational Breast Complications
  • Premalignant Breast Pathologies
  • Inflammatory Breast Conditions
  • Congenital Breast Disorders such as Asymmetry or Hypomastia Breast Cancer
Last update date: 23-05-2024

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