Dr. Mohammed Abuazab


Consultant Vascular Surgeon


Dr. Mohammed Abuazab is a dynamic and highly motivated Consultant for Vascular Surgery with excellent clinical and leadership skills. He has more than 16 years of experience.

After completing his medical studies at the renowned Medical University in Hanover in 2006, he moved to a House of Maximum Care, the Medical Faculty of the University Hospital of Halle in Germany, to complete his specialization in Visceral Surgery as well as in Vascular Surgery. Since 2020 he worked as Head of Division of Vascular Surgery in one of the largest Cardiovascular Centers in northern Germany.

Dr. Abuazab has an extensive Experience in managing a wide range of vascular diseases, both classically via open surgery as well as minimally invasive using catheter-based procedures.

  • Specialist Physician for Vascular Surgery, Medical School at University Hospital of Halle, Medical Association of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
  • “Endovascular Surgeon” for Vascular Surgery, Germen Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine
  • Specialist Physician for Visceral Surgery, Medical School at University Hospital of Halle, Medical Association of Saxony-Anhalt, German
  • MD (Doctor of Medicine), Medical School of the University of Hannover, Germany
  • Comprehensive training in endovascular Therapy of Aortic diseases
Clinical Expertise:
  • Carotid artery disease (open surgery and endovascular)
  • Subclavian artery repair
  • Management of vessels of the arm and shoulder (open surgery and minimal invasive)
  • Implantation of extraanatomical bypasses
  • Management of thoracic Aortic diseases (Aneurysm, Dissection, trauma) mainly endovascular or as a hybrid operation
  • Management of abdominal Aortic diseases (Aneurysm, dissection, occlusion) endovascular or with open surgery
  • Reconstruction and Recanalization of visceral vessels (mesenteric and renal vessels) in stenosis, occlusion or aneurysm with open or endovascular surgery
  • Open as well as endovascular revascularization (PTA with and without Stent) of the pelvic vessels
  • Open embolectomy/ Aspirationsthrombektomie/ application of Lyse in acute ischemia of the lower extremities
  • Preforming all kinds of peripheral Bypasses (iliacofemoral, aortofemoral, femorofemoral, femoro-popliteal, femoro-crural, femoro-pedal, popliteo-crural, popliteo-pedal) in peripheral arterial disease
  • Interventional PTA/Stents of thighs and lower leg
  • Management of the diabetic foot syndrome
  • Management of Tumours with vessel invasion (multidisciplinary)
  • Stadiums appropriate management of varicose and chronic venous insufficiency
  • (open repair, Crossectomie, stripping, endovenous)
  • Surgery for dialysis access (dialysis catheter, AV-fistula, AV-graft implantation)
  • Maintenance of dialysis access (open repair and endovascular)
Certifications and Professional Memberships:
  • German society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine DGG
  • Professional Association of German Surgeons BDC

Languages Spoken: Arabic/ English / German

+ 0 Years of Experience


Arabic, English, German