Laryngitis and Voice Disorders

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Laryngitis and Voice Disorders
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Laryngitis and voice disorders encompass a range of conditions affecting the larynx (voice box) and vocal cords, impacting speech and vocal quality. These issues can arise from infections, overuse, vocal cord nodules or polyps, and other factors. At Emirates Hospitals Group, we specialize in diagnosing and treating laryngitis and voice disorders to restore vocal function and quality of life.


Symptoms of Laryngitis & Voice Disorders

Identifying these symptoms early facilitates prompt diagnosis and treatment. Common symptoms include:

  • Hoarseness: Changes in voice quality, ranging from mild to severe.
  • Voice Fatigue: Tiredness or discomfort after speaking for extended periods.
  • Pitch Changes: Difficulty reaching high or low pitches.
  • Voice Loss: Partial or complete loss of voice due to vocal cord inflammation.
  • Throat Pain: Soreness or discomfort in the throat, particularly when speaking.

Diagnosis for Laryngitis & Voice Disorders in Dubai

A comprehensive evaluation guides treatment planning for optimal voice restoration. Diagnosis involves:

  • Medical History: Discussion of symptoms, vocal habits, and occupation-related voice use.
  • Laryngoscopy: Examination of the larynx and vocal cords using a flexible or rigid scope.
  • Stroboscopy: High-speed imaging to assess vocal cord vibration and function.
  • Acoustic Analysis: Objective measurement of voice parameters, such as pitch and intensity.
  • Voice Assessment: Evaluating voice quality, resonance, and endurance through various tasks.

Procedures for Voice Disorders Treatment in Dubai

These procedures are tailored to address specific voice disorders and restore optimal vocal function. Treatment options for voice disorders include:

  • Medication: Prescribed to reduce inflammation or treat underlying infections causing laryngitis.
  • Voice Therapy: Techniques to improve vocal habits, reduce strain, and optimize vocal performance.
  • Surgery: Procedures such as vocal cord surgery to remove nodules, polyps, or tumors affecting vocal cord function.
  • Botox Injections: Used to relax muscles around the vocal cords and treat spasmodic dysphonia.
  • Laryngeal Rehabilitation: Programs focusing on strengthening vocal muscles and improving voice projection.

Recovery Process for Voice Disorders Treatment in Dubai

Most patients experience gradual improvement in voice quality and endurance with dedicated treatment and support. Recovery typically includes:

  • Voice Rest: Limiting voice use and avoiding vocal strain immediately after treatment.
  • Medication Compliance: Taking prescribed medications as directed to reduce inflammation or manage underlying conditions.
  • Voice Therapy: Participating in structured therapy sessions to improve vocal technique and prevent future voice problems.
  • Follow-up Care: Monitoring recovery progress through scheduled appointments and adjusting treatment as needed.


For specialized laryngitis and voice disorders treatment in Dubai, consult with Emirates Hospitals Group’s ENT specialists. We provide personalized care and advanced therapies to address voice-related challenges effectively, enhancing vocal health and quality of life.

Last update date: 05-07-2024

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