Dr. Sami Alassi


Specialist ENT


Dr. Sami Alassi has over 30 years of experience. He is skilled in most Nasal, Ontological, Head and Neck surgeries (Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, and Endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinusitis.

Dr. Sami graduated from Damascus University in Syria. He completed his specialization in ENT at academic Hospital in Aleppo University in 1981. He is highly experienced in the management of ENT problems, performing most types of procedures of adult and children. He practiced ENT since 1981 in many private and government hospital, and in his private clinic. He started practice ENT in his own private hospital (Alassi Hospital) since 1997 in Aleppo Syria.

Clinical Expertise:
  • Laryngeal operations and management of sore throat, hoarseness of voice, chronic cough, and lumps on the neck.
  • Management of Snoring, Sleep apnoea, difficulty in breathing and swallowing.
  • Management of Vertigo, Balance disorders, and Meniere’s disease.
  • Management of Hearing loss, Tinnitus.
  • Management of recurrent otitis media, serous otitis media and glue ear (grommet insertion).
  • Management of bad breath.
  • Management of Salivary glands disorders
  • Rhinoplasty, Pinnaplasty (correction of prominent ears)
  • Diagnostic Endoscopies Nose, Pharynx, Larynx, and Ears
  • Tonsils, Adenoids, and Pharynx surgeries (Coblation) method.
  • Management of blocked nose (adenoids removal, tonsils size reduction, nasal polyps’ removal, and turbinates reduction, Septoplasty
  • Management of nose bleeding (Epistaxis), endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Removal foreign bodies from ears, nose, pharynx, and larynx
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Arabic, English