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Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat infections or other conditions affecting the mastoid bone, located behind the ear. This procedure is crucial for addressing chronic ear infections, cholesteatoma (a noncancerous cyst), or other abnormalities that impact the mastoid area. At Emirates Hospitals Group in Dubai, our specialists excel in performing mastoidectomy with advanced techniques to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Mastoidectomy in dubai

Procedures for Mastoidectomy

During mastoidectomy, the following steps are typically involved:

  • Anesthesia and Incision: The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision behind the ear to access the mastoid bone.
  • Mastoid Bone Removal: The infected or damaged mastoid bone is carefully removed to eliminate the source of infection or cyst formation.
  • Cholesteatoma Removal: If present, the cholesteatoma (cyst-like growth) is meticulously excised to prevent recurrence and further damage to surrounding structures.
  • Middle Ear Examination: The surgeon examines the middle ear to ensure all diseased tissue is removed and assesses the condition of the ear structures.
  • Closure: The incision is closed with dissolvable stitches, and a dressing may be applied.

Symptoms Addressed by Mastoidectomy

Mastoidectomy addresses symptoms such as:

  • Chronic Ear Infections: Unresponsive to conventional treatments.
  • Persistent Ear Pain: Due to inflammation or pressure within the mastoid area.
  • Hearing Loss: Resulting from damage to the middle ear structures.
  • Drainage from the Ear: Continuous discharge due to infections or cholesteatoma.

These symptoms can significantly impact daily life and require surgical intervention for resolution.

Diagnosis and Consultation for Mastoidectomy

Diagnosis for mastoidectomy includes:

  • Medical History Review: Assessment of recurrent ear infections, ear pain, or discharge.
  • Physical Examination: Evaluation of the ear canal, eardrum, and mastoid area.
  • Imaging Studies: CT scans or MRI to visualize the mastoid bone and confirm the extent of infection or cyst presence.

During the consultation at Emirates Hospitals Group, our specialists discuss the surgical procedure, potential risks, and expected outcomes with patients and their families.

Recovery Process After Mastoidectomy

Recovery from mastoidectomy involves the following stages:

  • Hospital Stay: Patients are monitored post-surgery for any immediate complications.
  • Pain Management: Mild discomfort and ear fullness are common and managed with pain medications.
  • Follow-Up Care: Regular visits to monitor healing, remove stitches, and assess ear function.
  • Gradual Resumption of Activities: Patients are advised on restrictions, such as avoiding water exposure to the ear, until cleared by the surgeon.

Emirates Hospitals Group provides comprehensive post-operative care and rehabilitation to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal restoration of ear health following mastoidectomy.

At Emirates Hospitals Group in Dubai, our renowned surgeons specialize in mastoidectomy, delivering exceptional care and outcomes for patients with complex ear conditions.

Last update date: 09-07-2024

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