Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR)

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Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR)
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Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) Spine Surgery in Dubai at Emirates Hospitals Group. Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), can significantly limit your mobility and quality of life. At Emirates we offer the latest innovative techniques in spine surgery like Artificial Disc Replacement to help you regain control and live an active life. ADR represents a promising alternative to traditional spinal fusion in select cases.

What is Artificial Disc Replacement?

Unlike traditional fusion surgery that permanently fixes vertebrae together, ADR implants an artificial disc to replace a damaged disc in your spine. This artificial disc is designed to mimic the function of a healthy disc, allowing for some natural movement while providing stability and support.

Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement:

  • Preserves Motion: Compared to fusion, ADR allows for more natural movement in the spine, potentially leading to better long-term flexibility and a more natural feel.
  • Reduced Risk of Adjacent Disc Degeneration: Fusion can sometimes accelerate degeneration in discs above and below the fused vertebrae. ADR may help lessen this risk.
  • Potentially Faster Recovery: With less disruption to surrounding muscles and tissues, ADR may lead to a quicker recovery and return to daily activities.
  • Improved Long-Term Outcomes: Some studies suggest ADR may offer better long-term pain relief and function compared to fusion for certain patients.

Who is a Candidate for Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR)?

ADR is only appropriate in specific cases Ideal candidates typically have:

  • A single-level disc degeneration causing pain and leg weakness (sciatica).
  • Relatively healthy bone structure.
  • No prior spinal fusion surgery in the same location.

Recovery From Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR)

While ADR offers a potentially faster recovery than fusion, it’s still important to follow the customized ADR recovery protocol:

  • Hospital Stay: Depending on your specific case, you may be discharged on the same day or stay overnight for observation.
  • Pain Management: You will receive pain medication and instructions on managing any post-surgical discomfort.
  • Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation plays a crucial role in strengthening core muscles and regaining flexibility to prevent future problems. You will be provided a personalized recovery program.
Last update date: 30-06-2024

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