Dr. Aseem Alhaj

Head of Department


Consultant Neurosurgeon


Dr. Aseem is a German Board Certified Neuro Surgeon and did his neurosurgical residency at Hannover Medical School and at ClemenshospitalMünster (Academic Hospital of Münster University). He worked also as a specialist Neurosurgeon in ClemenshospitalMünster and then as a consultant Neurological Spine surgeon at the Spine clinic in Helios SeehospitalSahlenburg where he performed complex spinal interventions in the whole spectrum of spinal surgery.

Dr. Alhaj was awarded the Master Certificate in Spine Surgery from the German Spine Society (DWG), which is awarded to around 500 physicians throughout Germany for their experience and quality in spinal surgery. He was also awarded the Spine Diplomas from EUROSPINE and EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies).

He is a member of the German Spine Society (DWG), EUROSPINE Society, and EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies).

Clinical Expertise:
  • Conservative treatment of neck and back pain
  • Minimal invasive Microscopic and endoscopic surgery for disc diseases (cervical, thoracic and lumbar)
  • Minimal invasive spinal fixation of spine
  • Experience in pedicle screw placement with Spinal Navigation in cervical, thoracal and lumbar spine
  • Surgery for brain and spine trauma
  • Microscopic Surgery for brain and spine tumours
  • Treatment of hydrocephalus with VP-Shunt
  • Peripheral nerve surgeries
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain Therapy
+ 0 Years of Experience


Arabic, English, German