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At Emirates Hospitals, we understand the importance of monitoring your baby’s health throughout your pregnancy. A fetal growth scan, also known as a fetal wellbeing scan or reassurance scan, is a painless prenatal procedure offered by our expert team that uses ultrasound technology to assess your baby’s development.

When is a Growth Scan Performed at Emirates Hospitals?

Fetal growth scans are typically performed during the third trimester, between 24 and 40 weeks of pregnancy, at Emirates Hospitals. The exact timing may vary depending on your individual circumstances and your doctor’s recommendations.Some common reasons for scheduling a growth scan at Emirates Hospitals include:

  • Monitoring growth: If you have concerns about your baby’s growth, a scan at Emirates Hospitals can measure various body parts like the head, abdomen, and thigh bone to estimate the baby’s weight and assess if it falls within the expected range for the gestational age.
  • Checking amniotic fluid levels: The scan can assess the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby, which is crucial for proper development and cushioning.
  • Placental location: The scan can reveal the position of the placenta, ensuring it’s not blocking the cervix (placenta previa) which could affect delivery.
  • Previous complications: If you have a history of complications in previous pregnancies, such as premature birth or gestational diabetes, a growth scan at Emirates Hospitals can provide reassurance about your current pregnancy’s health.

What to Expect During Your Growth Scan at Emirates Hospitals

At Emirates Hospitals, a fetal growth scan is a straightforward and painless procedure. To ensure clear images, you might be advised to drink plenty of water beforehand. During the scan, a highly trained sonographer will apply gel on your abdomen and gently move a transducer over the area. This transducer emits sound waves that create images of your baby on a screen. The entire scan typically takes around 20 to 30 minutes. While the sonographer may offer some initial observations, your doctor at Emirates Hospitals will thoroughly analyze the scan results and discuss them with you in detail at a later appointment.

What the Scan Can Reveal at Emirates Hospitals

A growth scan at Emirates Hospitals offers a wealth of information about your baby’s well-being, including:

  • Estimated fetal weight (EFW): By measuring various body parts, the scan can provide an estimate of your baby’s weight.
  • Amniotic fluid level: The scan can assess if the amount of amniotic fluid is adequate for your baby’s development.
  • Fetal position: The scan can reveal your baby’s position in the womb (head down, breech, etc.), which can influence delivery decisions.
  • Placental health: The scan can assess the location and health of the placenta, the organ that nourishes your baby.
  • Fetal heartbeat: The scan can confirm the presence and strength of your baby’s heartbeat.
  • Fetal movement: You might be able to see your baby moving during the scan, which is a reassuring sign of their well-being.

While the scan offers valuable insights, it’s important to remember that it’s a snapshot of your baby’s health at that specific time. If there are any concerns identified during the scan, your doctor at Emirates Hospitals will discuss further monitoring or tests as needed.

At Emirates Hospitals, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive and personalized care throughout your pregnancy. A fetal growth scan is a reassuring and informative procedure that plays a vital role in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. By providing valuable information about your baby’s growth and development, it allows our team of experts to make informed decisions about your care and promote a smooth and positive pregnancy journey.

Last update date: 02-07-2024

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