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Sports Medicine

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At Emirates Hospital, Jumeirah we offer specialized sports medicine care for all age groups and different levels of competitiveness. We provide complete sports related care with an ultimate goal to prevent, treat and rehabilitate sportsmen for all requirements – from pre-participation physicals and injury evaluation to athletic training and physical therapy. Our multidisciplinary sports medicine team are experts in minimally invasive procedures and highly advanced arthroscopic procedures, especially with regards to injuries of the knees, shoulders and hips. This ensures faster recovery time for athletes being treated. The sports medicine team at Emirates Hospital provides personalized rehabilitation services and therapies for patients suffering from musculoskeletal illnesses, injuries or any other conditions. Our experts have vast experience in postsurgical joint replacement, spine care, fracture repair and sports injury rehabilitation. We provide patients with customized treatment plans that improves their mobility and overall health.

Last update date: 05-06-2024

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