Normal Delivery Package

Package available at: Emirates Specialty Hospital - DHCC

Package Details:

Package includes:

  • Labour suite care up to 14 hours
  • Hospital Stay (Private Room) for a total period of 2 Days (Inclusive of Labour Room Stay)
  • Obstetrician Professional fee
  • Pediatrician Charges for Standby during the Delivery
  • Neonatologist Professional Fee
  • Patients Diet during the stay
  • Daily Rounding Fee of Obstetrician (Consultant / Specialist)
  • Nursing Charges
  • Physiotherapist Visit (Once During Admission)
  • Consumables used during the Delivery & Ward is inclusive (Consumables Costing Less than Dhs200 per unit) OR Epidural anesthesia

Package Excludes

  • Lab Investigations
  • Radiology Investigations
  • Blood transfusion
  • New Born Package (NVD) – 2000/-
  • Neonatal baby care which includes, Nursery/ Blood Group/Pediatrician Visit/Basic Vaccination

Package Excludes

  • Newborn Audiometry
  • Bili check Any additional stay/ NICU Stay and Add Lab/Radiology Investigations/Medication

Package Price: AED 12,000/-