Dr. Rola Saliby


Specialist Paediatrics


Our specialist pediatrician, Dr. Rola have started working since 2010 with one of the biggest international private hospital in Damascus, St. Louis Hospital. With that said, her experience in treating all kinds of pediatric problems is highly enhanced with depth focused on chronic and infectious diseases especially with newborns and general check-ups. Having been able to work for top hospitals in Dubai, her specialty has brought her vast experience in all fields of general pediatrics. As a licensed medical practitioner both in Syria and Dubai, she desires to attend and cater to all your kids’ health needs under her care.


Certified Specialist Pediatrician (highest degree; Ministry of Health, Damascus)
Highly trained in General Pediatrics (General Children’s Hospital, Damascus; Private Clinic, Dubai)
Fluent in English and Arabic

Clinical Expertise:
  • Assessment and examination for children’s general physical condition
  • Assisting in children’s growth and development concerns
  • Provides health and wellness advice for children
  • Treatment from illness for all kinds of pediatric problems
  • Acute and chronic pediatric problems diagnosing and treatment
  • Infectious disease management issues
  • New-born diseases and sickness
  • Pediatric monitoring and check-ups
+ 0 Years of Experience


Arabic, English