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Information on PCR Test

This test is generally used in medical and biological research. However, it has recently been used to fight with Covid. It is a virus diagnostic test and it shows the RNA of Covid. Polymerase Chain Reaction can be practically applied to our patients by our hospital. The global prevalence of COVID-19 has increased the use of these tests. PCR test in Dubai is a very successful method to diagnose individuals who have Coronavirus but go through the process asymptomatically –not show any symptom of Coronavirus. This test, also called Polymerase Chain Reaction, provides results by detecting the viruses in the body and the reactions developed against these viruses by comparing the DNA sample taken by the individual with the RNA of the related virus.
This test exposes the RNA of the virus. Your doctor puts the swab into your mouth so that the sample should be used during PCR tests can be taken. The swab should touch the back wall of your bull and take a sample from there. The used swab is then inserted through the nostril. Then it is taken out by rotating 360 degrees after it reaches the deepest point of the nose. This process ensures that all the data necessary for testing is collected.

The data obtained from this swab that goes to the PCR laboratories gives information about the patient’s DNA. The nucleotides taken with a swab are reproduced under the correct medical conditions. The main reason for the replication is that there is not enough RNA in the sample taken to help the test give a reliable result. First, enough RNA is formed so that the sample taken is compared with the appearance of the virus and the result can be given as negative or positive.
This test is not just about the virus currently plaguing the world. This test is also used to diagnose many parasites, viruses, microbes, and bacteria. Any creatures that have RNA can be detected with this test. At the same time, this test is used for genetic problems. Paternity testing is another area where it is used. It is very important for early diagnosis.

PCR tests can be used for many virus-based diseases and for the question marks that can be answered through DNA checking. Generally, PCR tests are applied in the following situations and a high degree of accuracy is obtained from the tests.
  1. Genetic diseases,
  2. Coronavirus,
  3. Forensic inquiries and DNA matches,
  4. Paternity tests,
  5. HIV virus,
  6. Hepatitis B virus,
  7. Suspicious situations requiring prenatal diagnosis.
But remember, what PCR testing does is not trying to detect the presence of a virus by working to find an antibody of it in the blood. Even if the patient goes through the process asymptomatically or antibody production has not yet started, PCR still can detect the virus. Because the test tries to identify the virus itself directly in the DNA sample taken. It does not need an intermediary agent –like an antibody- for this.
A sample is taken from the nose or throat with the help of a thin stick. The samples are taken to the laboratory and tested by our laboratory experts. Our hospital performs the PCR test in Dubai in accordance with the following steps:
  1. Those who are looking for a reliable center for PCR in Dubai can apply to our hospital immediately –schedule your appointment online!
  2. Our specialist doctors first take samples from you using a completely sterile thin stick (swab). In order for this sample to be taken, this swab with a cotton tip will need to be inserted both into your throat and your nose.
  3. Sometimes, sputum coming out of cough can be taken as a sample. If you think you are in the beginning stages of the disease and want to be sure of the reliability rates of the test, we recommend that you choose alternatives where the nose and throat method is used.
  4. Experts aim to detect the stage of the disease before performing the test. In the advanced stages of the disease, the virus is usually found in the body’s respiratory ways. On the contrary, in the early stages, the throat and nose are the main centers. The area to be sampled can also be determined according to the stage of the disease.
  5. The sample taken within the framework of high hygiene standards is directed to the specialist laboratories of our hospital in the most protected way.
  6. The sample taken is filtered so that it can be compared with the DNA of the virus. A reaction tube is used for this, where processes called real-time reproduction and identification take place.
The PCR process takes place in 3 stages.
  1. First of all, denaturation is completed at 94 ° C-98 ° C. This process splits the DNA strands into two.
  2. Then hybridization takes place at a temperature of 37 ° C-65 ° C.
  3. Finally, at 72 degrees, the prolongation phase of the procedure takes place. This cycle is repeated within the frame of the specified number and it is concluded whether the virus identity is found in the sample taken or not.
With this test, people who are infected are identified and isolated. In this way, the virus outbreak can be brought under control. Laboratory results can be obtained in a very short time.

We are proud to be the answer to your search for PC testing in Dubai with our high-tech laboratories! So, let’s see the advantages of PCR!

Some pathogens can be difficult to detect than others. Pathogens that demand a long cultivation time can particularly challenge the investigation processes. In such cases, PCR tests stand out with their functionality and speed.

Culturing is required for many other test types, and this process means a waste of time for the medical process. In cases where fast results are required, using the PCR test instead of culturing saves time. This makes it possible to learn the results before it is too late, to take precautions, to start the treatment process quickly, and to be aware of the infection even with a low bacterial level.
This test is an extremely reliable method. At the same time, this test allows the detection of virus carriers that do not show symptoms of disease. This is a very important finding in terms of public health. With our PCR test in Dubai services, as Emirates Hospital Jumeirah, we are only one phone call away! We know you care about the fact that the test you want to do is really reliable. The PCR test has the following features in terms of reliability:
  1. According to researches, the vast majority of PCR tests performed for the SARS-CoV-2 virus show results parallel to the diagnosis of COVID-19. This high level of reliability score gives confidence that tests are carried out with the correct method.
  2. In COVID-19 patients, RNA samples of the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be found in the respiratory tract even long after the symptoms begin. The fact that PCR can be performed both through the throat, nose, and respiratory tracts increases the reliability rate of the test.
  3. The PCR test offers extremely reliable results, especially in COVID cases that are asymptomatic and therefore cannot be predicted from the outside.

You can get PCR test done in any Hospital which announce they are giving the service with reasonable fees. In PCR testing in Dubai research, you should be researching hospitals that are experts in the field, that perform the procedure in the most accurate way, have their own laboratories, and thus offer results quickly. We, as Emirates Hospital Jumeirah, offer exactly this service. You may want to have a PCR test for travel and similar reasons for affordable fees. No need to worry! Contact us and we will create an appointment for you.

It is possible to get results within one to three hours from PCR tests performed with modern methods. However, this period refers to the expected time for results to appear. Before this, samples should be taken from the patient and the test should be studied in detail. The time the results will be delivered to you may vary depending on various factors such as laboratory capacity and the number of people applying for PCR testing. At Some of the Hospitals, the results are delivered to you within 8 hours at the latest.