Tummy Tuck

You can book an appointment below to get best tummy tuck surgery in Dubai. Abdominal stretching (Abdominoplasty) is an effective method used for abdominal and navel aesthetics. After losing weight or after pregnancy, sagging and cracks appear on the skin in the abdomen. This region, which cannot be fully restored with sports and diet, can be corrected with a single operation. During the tummy tuck surgery, the skin that has been sagging is recovered and excess fat is removed. Thus, the person has a flat stomach.

Since there is a risk of bleeding and infection after the operation, it must be done under the supervision of specialist doctors and in a full-fledged hospital setting. Operation time varies according to the procedure to be performed. A special corset should be worn for about 1 month to ensure that the abdominal area reaches the desired form.

Healing Process

About 3-4 hours after surgery, you can stand up and walk with the help of someone. The next day, you can get up on your own and walk slowly. You may have pain due to stitches, use recommended painkillers. In order to take a bath, you should wait 2-3 days after the operation. Since the stitches will not be fully healed, conditions such as straining and coughing for about 1 week after surgery may hurt you. Therefore, be careful not to have solid foods in your diet for a while.


First of all, women who want a tummy tuck surgery after childbirth are recommended to pass at least 1 year after birth. It is expected to lose as much weight as possible with breastfeeding, healthy nutrition and exercise within 1 year. In addition, the condition of flabbiness and cracks remaining from birth is clarified. Accordingly, the planning of the aesthetic operation and better results are provided.

Abdominal stretching surgery does not prevent pregnancy. There is no risk. Since there will be crack formation and umbilical sagging after re-pregnancy, reoperation will be required. Or, the person may choose to have a tummy tuck surgery and then have it done when there is no baby planning.

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