Rhinoplasty in Dubai (Nose Surgery in Dubai)

You will have the best Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) in our hospital in Dubai. You can book an appointment below now. Nasal aesthetic surgeries are performed both because of a health problem such as breathing more easily and because of visual discomfort. People with arches or long noses, those with a low nose tip or large nostrils resort to plastic surgery.

People who have completed bone and cartilage development can have a rhinoplasty operation. Problems that prevent comfortable breathing by blocking the nose like nose meat, curvature of the septum, can be corrected with nasal aesthetics.

Technically, nose aesthetics is a difficult operation. Differences in the person’s skin, bone, and cartilage structure can make the surgeon’s job difficult. However, it is not a very painful operation as expected. Swelling and bruising after the surgery also depends on the age, gender and bone structure of the patient. The technique used in surgery is also important.

Rhinoplasty in Dubai

Our hospital has the best surgeons for nose surgery. Our specialists and doctors provides the best surgery options for rhinoplasty in Dubai. You can book an appointment now to meet our doctors.

Nose Aesthetic Surgery Techniques

  • Open rhinoplasty: The biggest advantage of the open rhinoplasty technique is that it provides the surgeon with a broad view and application opportunity. It is performed by opening a small incision between the nostrils from the lower part. According to the closed rhinoplasty technique, nose tip edema and bruises take longer to heal.
  • Closed rhinoplasty: In closed nose aesthetics, the incisions are inside the nostrils. In terms of surgery, the angle of view is less, but there is no possibility of suturing from the outside. It also heals in a shorter time than open rhinoplasty.

Non-Surgical Methods in Nose Aesthetics

  • Nose filling

It is a method preferred by patients who do not want to have surgery. It is a method that can be applied on nasal arches that are not very obvious. The nose root is filled with filling material to make the nose look flat. It is not a permanent method. In addition, complications that may arise from filling materials should be considered.

  • Nose tip B.o.t.o.x

B.o.t.o.x can be applied to the area where the nose meets the lip. B.o.t.o.x applied intramuscularly provides some elevation at the tip of the nose as it relaxes the muscle. It is not permanent, but it is a method that can satisfy the patient for a while.

  •  Rope nose lifting

It is applied with the sewing thread used in the operations.

Nose Surgery in Dubai

You can have nose surgery in Dubai for a better looking in Emirates Specialty Hospital. Book an appointment now to get more information from our doctors.

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