Pediatric Genitourinary

Complaints such as high fever, abdominal pain, dysuria, hematuria in childhood can be a symptom of extremely important kidney diseases. In general terms, there are several points to be considered to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases:

1-Water is very important for all living things. Neglecting to drink water – whether it is a child or an adult – causes kidney diseases in everyone. It should be remembered that water carries nutrients and oxygen to organs, regulates metabolism, removes toxic substances from the body, fights infections, balances body temperature and is indispensable for body health. From the 6th month onwards, 30-100 ml of water should be drunk after meals. After the age of 1, in order to acquire the habit of drinking water, it should be ensured that the child or child determines the water container and learns to drink his own water.

2-Excess salt consumption damages the kidneys. The amount of salt the body needs is not even about 1 teaspoon daily. Therefore, instead of encouraging the consumption of salt by putting salt shakers on the tables and not even tasting the food, it should be accustomed to eating less salty from childhood.

3-Sometimes parents tell their children to hold their pee because they have jobs or because there is no suitable environment. Sometimes children dive into the game and keep their urine. This can lead to urinary tract infections.

4-If there is a genetic kidney failure in the family, it should be checked whether the child’s kidney functions at least once a year.

5-Even the drug that you think is the most harmless can have serious side effects. Therefore, do not give your children medication unless the doctor recommends it.

  1. Using materials such as soap, shampoo, wipes in genital area cleaning can disrupt the skin’s Ph balance. Therefore, much attention should be paid while performing the child’s bottom cleaning. Improper cleaning can lead to urinary tract diseases.
  2. As with all body health, it is important to live and exercise for the kidneys.

Urinary System And Surgical Diseases Of Reproductive Organs

  •         Kidney cysts, tumors and stone disease
  •         Kidney ureter junction stenosis (UPJ stenosis)
  •         Ureter bladder junction stenosis (UVJ stenosis)
  •         Ureter expansion, stones
  •         Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) (Urine escape from the bladder to the ureter)
  •         Bladder infections, stone disease
  •         Opening the bladder out of the abdomen due to the absence of the anterior abdominal wall (Ekstrofia Vesika)
  •         Opening of the urethra to the bottom in boys (hypospadias) (prophet circumcision)
  •         Undescended testicle, hydrocele, spermatic cord cyst
  •         Infections such as epididymoorchitis (testicular inflammation), balanitis-post (inflammation of the foreskin) and prostatitis
  •         Circumcision
  •         Ovarian cysts in girls
  •         Closed hymen, labial adhesions


Circumcision, which has been practiced in some societies as a religious necessity and in some societies as a tradition since the primitive periods, is the cessation of the skin fold at the tip of the penis that closes the urine outlet hole and creates a closed space in that area. Regardless of how old the child is circumcised, it does not matter surgically, but considering the psychological condition of the child, it can be said that it is not appropriate to perform circumcision between the ages of 2-7. However, no matter how old it is, it is recommended to do it with a mild general anesthetic application called sedation to prevent the child from experiencing fear. On the skin of the penis tip; infection may occur due to stuffiness, urine residue and secretion accumulation. It can be a carrier for sexually transmitted diseases. It can block urine output and cause abscess formation in the penis. Circumcision removes such negativities.

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