Fat removal, which is a widely used type of aesthetic operation today, is a solution for those who cannot get rid of regional oils despite the diets made. It is especially applied to the hips, hips, abdomen, waist, knees.With a number of methods, fat tissues are provided to become more fluid. It is taken from small incisions by vacuuming with thin and long cannulas.

It should not be seen as a slimming method. It is healthier for those who are overweight to try to lose weight with proper nutrition program and sports first. In cases where regional thinning is desired when the appropriate weight is decreased, this application can be made to make the body look more shaped.

It is natural to see edema and bruises after the application. According to the amount of adipose tissue, special corsets are used for about 1-2 months. Getting rid of excess fatty tissue does not guarantee that you will not gain weight again. It is recommended to pay attention to your diet and exercises.

It would not be right to apply to those with heart disease, diabetes patients, pregnant women and newborns.


In the liposuction process, the fluidized fluid tissues are vacuumed and removed from the body. In the laser lipolysis process, the membranes of fat cells are detonated with the laser and are excreted through the urine.

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