Hollywood Smile Porcelain Veneers, Lumineers


Hollywood smile porcelain veneers & lumineers are applicable in our hospital. You can book an appointment below to start treatment. When we smile, the most noticeable area is the mouth and teeth. Healthy gums, proportional and shiny teeth guarantee an impressive smile. In the Hollywood Smile design, the gum, tooth and lip harmony is achieved and it is obtained from the smile of movie stars.

Gender, age, facial features, smile symmetry, lips, the structure of the gums, the order and colors of the teeth are examined, and the smile that suits your face is determined. Then, the size differences in the teeth are removed and the outer surface of the tooth is covered with a thin layer of porcelain, resulting in white teeth and healthy smiles.

Sexy Smile

As the front incisors are the first teeth, they wear out over time and their length becomes shorter. This causes an old appearance. The front teeth should be longer than the others in order to have an attractive smile. This design of the front teeth gives you a young, dynamic and attractive smile.

Sophisticated Smile

The teeth are lined up on a horizontal straight line. The intellectual smile gives the face a mature and knowledgeable expression. This smile emphasizes the lower part of the face more. In the middle ages, the teeth are almost equal in size. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, you can turn it to an advantage and get a mature, knowledgeable and intellectual smile.

Sporty Smile

It is between Intellectual and Attractive smile. The middle incisors are slightly longer than the side incisors. Sporty smile design gives your face an unusual, sincere and warm expression.


According to the special measurements taken from each tooth, tailored leaf porcelain tooth sets are produced, placed in the patient’s respective teeth, and it is provided to have much smoother and whiter teeth.

Metal or ceramic can be chosen as the material that supports porcelain coating. Accordingly, the name of the process can be referred to as metal coating or ceramic coating.

Porcelain coating process steps:

1-The surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned thoroughly. If there is no special case, cleaning is achieved by removing a 0.5 or 0.7 millimeter layer from the tooth surface.

2-In order to be able to measure, it is necessary to obtain the images of the teeth to be covered. Once the dimensions are determined, the process is started for special production.

3-Porcelain veneers placed individually using a special porcelain veneer tooth adhesive can be filed and reshaped where needed.

What Should Be Considered After Porcelain Tooth Coating?

It is a process that does not cause great pain. If local anesthesia is not applied to the patient, it is safe to drive or leave the hospital alone. If there is pain, pain medications recommended by the doctor are used. It is useful to be careful not to consume excessive hot or cold foods and drinks for at least one week after the procedure. It is necessary to avoid hard-chewed, hard and sticky foods.


It is the coating method preferred by patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their teeth due to their tooth color or structure. There is no need to cut from the outer layer of the tooth before coating. Just like porcelain coating, coatings produced according to special size are directly adhered to the tooth surface. These coatings made of thin and resistant porcelains are preferred because they maintain their permanence for about 20 years.

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