Hair Loss Dubai

Hair loss of more than 100-150 strings per day is considered abnormal. If this hair loss lasts more than 2 months, the specialist should be consulted and considered to be a symptom of other diseases. Stress, hormonal disorders, chemicals used for hair, seasonal changes and some medications can lead to hair loss. Hair has stages of growth, rest and shedding, and these phases last a lifetime as a cycle, with new ones replacing the shed hair.

The causes of Hair loss

1-Genetic factors

2-Skin problems

3-Wrong eating habits

4-Vitamin and mineral deficiency

5-Hormonal problems

6-Some internal diseases and drug use

7-Delivery and chemotherapy process

8-Cosmetic factors

9-Stress and depression

Hair Loss in Men

5 Alpha reductase enzyme is an enzyme that causes hair loss. Since this enzyme is found more in men, hair loss is a problem mostly seen in men.

Hair Loss in Women

Genetic factors can be considered as the most important reason for hair loss in women. Apart from this, processes such as hair coloring, blow dryer, highlights can also weaken the hair and cause it to fall out. In addition, since birth control pills, pregnancy, breastfeeding, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, and postpartum periods are the times when the hormonal balance of women changes and they feel more stressed, they may face the problem of hair loss especially at these times.


Can hair loss be prevented?

After determining the condition that causes hair loss, fixing this problem will also eliminate the problem of loss. For example, functional disorders in the thyroid hormone lead to hair loss. This problem is expected to disappear after thyroid treatment. Or if hair loss is experienced due to vitamin deficiency, the problem of hair loss should not continue when the missing vitamins are supplemented to the body’s stores, following a proper nutrition program.

Treatment methods to prevent hair loss

  • Drug Treatment: Drug treatment can be applied for increasing the number of strands, thickening the thinner strands and preventing hair loss.
  • Hair Mesotherapy: There are a number of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals required for the hair to grow and develop healthily. It is the direct injection of these and circulatory substances into the scalp with micro needles.
  • PRP Hair Treatment: It is the process of enriching the person’s own blood through a number of processes and making it platelet-rich and applying it to the tissues.
  • Hair Transplantation: It is the process of transferring live cells to the places where there are dead cells in order to revive the cells that produce hair.


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