Embarrassed about your Child’s Bedwetting


Your child’s bedwetting is an embarrassing, frustrating, and quite often a messy experience. The problem of bedwetting can be made worse when a family doesn’t cope well. Blaming, embarrassing, or belittling your child won’t fix the problem. However, the problem can be treated and must be treated early on. At Emirates Hospital Day Surgery, Abu Dhabi, our Pediatrician, Dr. Ghada Al Hossainey, Specialist – Pediatrican, has extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of bedwetting problem in children and successfully treated several cases. Dr. Ghada is a specialist – General Pediatrics with special interests in allergic diseases – asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis, growth and developmental issues, Infectious diseases and preventative medicine for paediatrics, vaccinations, feeding problems, nutritional deficiency & blood diseases.

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