Prof. Dr. Jerome Paris


Consultant ENT


Prof. Dr. Jerome is an accomplished ENT surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is highly experienced in Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, such as in Facial Plastic Surgery and Medicine. He is internationally renowned for his expertise in the management of parotid gland tumors (minimally invasive technique of aesthetic parotidectomy), facial rejuvenation, facial palsy management and rhinoplasty.

Dr. Paris completed his MD from Marseille University in France with academic distinction and national SFORL award. He completed his residency and fellowship program in Marseilles from Marseille school of medicine, University of the Méditerranée, France. He then specialized in Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery

with a fellowship in New York USA at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in 2004.

He has previously practiced at the University Hospital La Timone in Marseilles-France, at

the American Hospital of Paris-France as an associate member, and at the Medical

Chambers Kensington in London-UK as a consultant.

Dr Jérôme Paris is director-professor of Face Aesthetic Masterclass since 2010

( He is also director of the international annual conference

on Botulinum Toxin since 2015 ( and director of the

Face2F@ce international conference on aesthetic surgery and medicine in Cannes-

France. He has been vice-secretary of the SAMCEP Scientific Society (Société Avancée de

Médecine et Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique).

Dr Paris has published more than 50 scientific articles in various medical international

journals. To date, he has participated in over 80 medical congresses in France, Europe

and the rest of the world. Dr Paris is a professor and lecturer on surgery in France and

abroad. He was appointed honorary professor in Xiamen China.

He speaks fluent English and French and serves in Aix-en-Provence, Marseilles and Paris

(France), Moscow (Russia), and Dubai (UAE).


  • Nose and Sinus Disorders
  • ENT Infections
  • Voice Disorders
  • Ear Disorders
  • Neck Tumors and Lumps
  • Parotid Tumors
  • Thyroid Tumors / Nodules
  • Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Skin Tumors and Skin Cancer
  • Facial Cosmetic Medicine
  • ENT Head and Neck Cancer
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