Mr. Daniel Demkiewicz


Senior Physiotherapist


Mr Daniel is a thoroughly trained professional, with extensive experience in building and managing the physiotherapy and rehab department with a cross-functional team.

Since March 2020, he has been the Head of his department at Emirates SportsMED. His focus is to constantly develop new strategies, aimed at enhancing patient satisfaction. He’s always researching and implementing new initiatives in the medical sphere.

Daniel is a former competitor and coach of Japanese martial arts and former Vice President of Emirates Physiotherapy Society (2019-2022). He is currently preparing a PhD thesis.

Clinical Expertise:
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Physiotherapy Management
  • Manual Therapy
  • Bodybuilding instructor
  • Osteopathy practice
  • Sports Therapy and Performance
  • Sonography
  • Athletic Training
  • Dry Needle
  • Chiropractic
+ 0 Years of Experience