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Dr Sama Zibdeh

Consultant Breast Surgeon

English, Arabic
Practice Locations:
  • Emirates Hospital Jumeirah
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Dr. Sama is a renowned breast surgeon who has been working in Dubai since 2010. She is respected and valued by numerous patients for the high level of dedication, sincerity, and care she provides. Her reputation is propagated by her excellent surgical skills and knowledge in breast diseases.

Growning up, she lived in various countries and was exposed to a myriad of cultures. Thus, she has learned to embrace diversity. Her father was serving a diplomatic post in Baghdad, Iraq where she joined the medical school in the reputable Al Mustansiriyah University and attained her MBChB in 1994.

For seven years, she was trained in the general surgery department at The Jordan University Hospital in Amman. She qualified for the Jordanian Board and Pan-Arab Board in General Surgery. She then obtained a Master’s Degree in General Surgery from The University of Jordan.

She spent an additional two years in the oncology department serving as a Fellow in surgical oncology (assigned as Adjunct Instructor & then Assistant Professor). Her exposure to various types of cancers prompted her to develop a strong passion for helping women suffering from breast cancer specifically.

She underwent a three-year training fellowship program in one of the prime medical centres in Sydney, Australia. She received her Fellowship in Breast Surgery from The Westmead Breast Cancer Institute. To enhance her surgical techniques and knowledge, she undertook advanced training in breast surgery at The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia.

The comprehensive training was focused on breast surgery and incorporated training in breast imaging, screening, genetic counselling, benign breast diseases, and reconstruction of the breast. She was the first Jordanian female breast surgeon and was strongly committed to helping women across the Arab world in their battle against breast cancer and thus returned to the Middle East in 2005.

Dr. Sama’s work experience spans across Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Most recently, she was employed by Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, helped establish their breast department, and proudly served as Breast Lead.

She is a strong advocate for breast cancer screening and early detection. She is also extremely interested in prevention trials and raising public awareness. Furthermore, she abides by a multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

Expertise & Treatments

  • Conservative breast surgery-
  • Repairing the resultant defect from lumpectomy/ mastectomy with various oncoplastic techniques.
  • Various types of mastectomies, specially skin and nipple sparing mastectomy withimmediate breast reconstruction.
  • Reconstruct the breast independently with certain procedures, but prefers liaison with a plastic surgeon for more complex reconstructive surgeries (e.g. reconstruction with flaps and microvascular techniques) to ensure the best aesthetic outcome.
  • Axillary surgery (total clearance when required as well as minimally invasive axillary).

Strongly interested in innovation, she collaborated with SYSMEX Middle East and was the first breast surgeon to introduce the FDA approved SENTIMAG device to the UAE. This device is used to retrieve sentinel axillary lymph nodes using special injectable material.

She is interested in benign breast diseases and has vast experience in its medical and surgical management. She also offers genetic testing and counselling for high risk cases with a family history of breast cancer.

She has special interest in breast imaging and is capable of performing breast ultrasound to aid her clinical assessment as well as reading mammogram / MRI images to achieve the highest level of diagnostic accuracy. Moreover, she can perform ultrasound guided breast biopsy and she acquired training in stereotactic mammotome breast biopsy for microcalcifications. Her collaborative nature and work ethic with breast radiologists yields the highest precision for diagnosis.

The philosophy of Dr. Sama in managing benign and malignant breast diseases is to embrace a holistic approach through collaboration with different specialities to ensure the highest outcome. This will certainly guide women throughout various stops in their journey, from initial screening to routine follow up visits.

As a woman, she respects the privacy of women visiting breast clinics and has empathy for their anxious thoughts. She is interested in empowering women while deciding on various treatment options. The informed-decision is supported by evidence-based information and state of the art technology, yet tailored to fit each woman’s specific needs.

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