Dr. Safa Arnaout


Specialist Anaesthetist

Practice Locations:


Dr.Safa Arnout is our Specialist Anesthesiologist here at Emirates Hospital, with over 25 years of experience in her field. Dr.Safa is an award-winning doctor hailing from Syria having been recognized with the WHO Award by the Bristol Royal Infirmary Hospital in the UK.

Having completed her education and training across Syria and UK, Dr.Safa at Emirates Hospital brings her vast experience in Orthopaedic, General, Ophthalmic, Gynaecological, Intensive care, and dealing with Polytrauma or critically ill patients. Her years of practice also provide great insight into ensuring our patients receive care that is immediate, continuous, and in line with our vision towards preventive healthcare.

Clinical Expertise:
  • Proficient with General Anaesthesiology skills
  • Experience in Regional Anesthesia, Spinal, Epidural and Axillary Block
  • Special Skills in Managing Paediatric Cases
+ 0 Years of Experience


Arabic, English