Dr. Ruqaya Aad Al Kaisi


General Dentist



Dr. Ruqaya Aad Alkaisi is a highly skilled Cosmetic General Dentist over 10 years of experience in the UAE and Iraq. Dr. Ruqaya has done her degree from Baghdad University in 2009 and pursued her passion and love for Aesthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Endodontics and dental paediatric to be one of the best Dentists. she had an extensive Residency program and handled Emergency Maxillofacial cases in Baghdad trauma hospital.

Dr. Ruqaya Aad has completed her did pediatric diploma from oxford academy from UK. Dr. Ruqaya Alkaisi is a well communicator, who can relate well to dental patients and continuously updates her dental practices to provide first-rate care to patients. She considers that building smiles is art, and everyone deserves to smile with confidence.

Dr. Ruqaua Al kaisi has a special way to put them at ease during the treatment, Her work with children and their parents from early in their life gives her great satisfaction, knowing that she plays a central role of instilling good oral hygiene that can ensure a cavity-free life. She is familiar with all the latest treatment techniques in Paediatric Dentistry, and she believes in preventive dentistry in children.

Clinical Expertise:
  • All kinds of crowns & bridges.
  • Prep and non-prep veneers.Dentures.
  • All kinds of Bleaching.
  • Gingivectomy.
  • Aesthetic Composite for anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Root canal treatments · Root canal re-treatments.
  • Highly skilled in all kind of Pediatrics treatments.
  • Simple & minor surgical extraction.
  • Gum treatments.
  • All kind of paediatric treatments and prevention.
+ 0 Years of Experience


Arabic, English