Cosmetic Filling Teeth (Reshaping Teeth)

When we communicate with someone face to face, first of all, the eyes and mouth of that person draw our attention. We make eye contact and talk. Teeth also attract attention in the mouth that opens and closes while talking. Minor imperfections in the teeth that appear when you smile may look uglier than you think. Properly shaped white and shiny teeth make your smile and facial expression more attractive.

When it comes to teeth contour (reshaping), it is mentioned that the teeth that are adjacent but in different sizes or teeth that are recessed inwards and outwards are corrected and brought into a more pleasant shape by bringing them to the same or proportional lengths. The process of polishing the tooth in order to remove a thin layer from the tooth enamel and to make the rest look bright is applied especially for the teeth that appear in front.

Getting rid of the sharp corners in the tooth or tapering the tip parts that look flat is also among the reshaping of the tooth. These painless, small procedures in a single session, without the need for anesthesia, will allow you to get more beautiful looking teeth.

Composite Filler (White filler)

With this filling in the color of the tooth, cracked or broken teeth can be reconstructed, small gaps between the teeth can be filled, cavities can be repaired or the smile can be reshaped and the teeth can be colored.

Before the composite filling is made, the tooth surface is cleaned thoroughly, and to increase the bonded surface of the filling, beveling process is performed. Cotton pads are placed around the tooth. Bonding process is performed, which ensures the connection between the tooth and composite filling. Bonding is lightened and cured. Finally, composite filling is put in thin layers and it is hardened with the beam.

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