Closing Gaps Between The Teeth

Intermittent Teeth Treatment (Diastema)

You can find treatments for closing gaps between the teeth in our hospital in Dubai. The cause of intermittent tooth structure may be genetic factors. The fact that the tissue band that connects the upper lip to the gums is very close to the anterior teeth can also cause cavity. Orthodontic wire treatment, laminated tooth (leaf porcelain) application or composite fillings (bonding) are recommended for those who are aesthetically disturbed by this image.

Closing Gaps Between The Teeth – Laminated Teeth Application

It is the process of placing a porcelain leaf section on the visible outer surface of the tooth. If necessary, some abrading process can be done on the outer surface of the tooth in order to make the placed porcelain layer look smoother. Precise work is required in this technique, which also offers the possibility to change the color of the tooth.

Bonding Application

The process made with white filling material used as an aesthetic filling in carious teeth is called bonding. It is a low cost method used to close small or large gaps. It is not very durable like laminated application. It is recommended to have it checked once a year as the color of the bonding filler may change over time.

Orthodontic Wire Application

This treatment method can take 1 year or a little more time, but this is the most permanent and definitive solution. Instead of adding something to the structure of the tooth, it aligns the teeth by bringing them where they should be and makes them look neat. Although braces do not look beautiful in terms of aesthetics, the best solution for health is wire treatment.

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