Circumcision, which has been practiced in some societies as a religious necessity and in some societies as a tradition since the primitive periods, is the cessation of the skin fold at the tip of the penis that closes the urine outlet hole and creates a closed space in that area. Regardless of how old the child is circumcised, it does not matter surgically, but considering the psychological condition of the child, it can be said that it is not appropriate to perform circumcision between the ages of 2-7. However, no matter how old it is, it is recommended to do it with a mild general anesthetic application called sedation to prevent the child from experiencing fear. On the skin of the penis tip; infection may occur due to stuffiness, urine residue and secretion accumulation. It can be a carrier for sexually transmitted diseases. It can block urine output and cause abscess formation in the penis. Circumcision removes such negativities.

Newborn Circumcision

The neonatal period is at the time when the capacity of body cell renewal, production and development is highest. In babies who are circumcised at birth, the wound heals much faster. Surgical and psychological complications are less likely to occur.

Who Can Perform Circumcision?

In terms of the psychology of the child, the anesthesia technique to be applied, the possible risks and the surgical aesthetic point of view, it is best to apply it in a hospital setting by professionals.

Should Anesthesia Be Applied?

The circumcision procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia (sedation), considering the age of the child and the possibility of being circumcised to cause fear and stress in the child. Local anesthesia is generally preferred in the first 6-month period when awareness is not yet established or in adulthood that can perceive the concept of circumcision.

How is a circumcision operation performed?

The surgical area is cleaned and the anesthesia is given to ensure that the penis is numb. Adhesions of the skin fold are opened, the cutting line is determined and the fold that closes the tip of the penis is cut using scissors or a scalpel. Bleeding is controlled by self-melting fine threads or bipolar sensitive cautery. The skin is sewn again with thin, self-melting threads.

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