Breast Implant

Breast Augmentation

You can have the best breast surgery and breast implant treatments in Emirates Specialty Hospital in Dubai. Among the aesthetic operations, one of the most preferred procedures for women is breast augmentation surgeries. Structurally small-breasted women, those who want to correct the appearance of breast tissue that disappears after breast cancer, those who complain of drooping and faint appearance in their breast after breastfeeding prefer breast augmentation surgery.

According to the patient’s desired breast size, body structure, shoulder and rib cage width, the protein (silicon) to be used in the surgery is decided. Silicone is placed through a small incision opened on the breast. No traces of visual disturbance remain. In a maximum of 1 year, the scars disappear completely.

It is normal to have sensation reduction, slight bruising and swelling at the nipple after breast augmentation operations that take approximately 1-1.5 hours. To prevent edema after surgery, it is necessary to use a bandage and supportive bra. After the operation, massage should be done for a while and the relationship between silicone and breast should be naturalized.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Breast reduction surgery is one of the aesthetic procedures preferred by women who are not satisfied with the size and appearance of the breast, just like breast enlargement surgery. Not only those who are disturbed by the external appearance of the breast, but also women who want to get rid of the intense waist, back and spinal cord pain caused by the large breast, turn to breast reduction operation.

In breast reduction surgery, some of the glands and adipose tissues are removed. Some cut from the outer skin. Thus, the breast is both smaller and steeper and its shape improves.

After surgery, scars may remain. The size of the permit to remain relates to the area being processed. Swelling and bruising may be seen after the operation. It is normal to have mild pain that can be relieved with pain relievers. You can return to your normal life in about 1 week.

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