Brain Surgery

Neurosurgery has improved considerably as new studies have achieved successful results day by day. The brain, which holds the control and decision-making mechanism of the body, is an organ that requires very precise work and meticulousness. For this reason, the intervention that a team of successful doctors will carry is of great importance in order to get positive results.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

There are endovascular, namely interventional neuroradiology and surgery (microsurgical) group for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. Treatment methods can be applied separately or together depending on the condition of the patient.

  •           Cerebrovascular Aneurysms: It occurs in the form of bubbles in the vessels of the brain, can cause bleeding and sudden worsening and even fatal losses.
  •           Arterio-Venous Malformation: It is a bleeding-prone vascular disease in which the arteries and veins are monitored as a ball in the brain.
  •           Carotid Stenosis: A condition of narrowing and occlusion of the parts of the jugular vein in the neck or brain. Clot formation can lead to stroke (paralysis) and treatment is vital within hours.
  •           Brain Hemorrhages: It is a state of bleeding into the lining of the brain or brain tissue.
  •           Cerebrovascular Occlusion: It is the sudden stop of blood flow to the brain due to cerebral vein obstruction. This condition is known as stroke or paralysis and should be treated quickly. It is possible to open the clogged vessel with endovascular methods, to re-energize the brain by microsurgery or to relax the compressed brain tissue.


Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

Surgical intervention is possible in both adults and childhood brain and nerve tumors with microsurgery and endoscopic techniques. A team of neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist and neuroradiologist examines the patient’s condition, evaluates and plans treatment. In some tumors, long-term chemotherapy (drug therapy) and / or radiotherapy (radiation therapy) are planned. Operations in skull base tumors, especially pituitary tumors, are performed with the participation of the ENT specialist, who is included in the surgical team.


Spinal Diseases

Diseases occurring in the old age process, such as traumatic conditions resulting from accidents and injuries, narrowing of the spinal canal and sliding in the waist, and diseases such as lumbar and neck hernia are treated by neurosurgeons.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Surgical intervention is applied to congenital and acquired head and spine diseases. These include tumors, vascular diseases, hydrocephalus, which is defined as the collection of brain water in the head, and “spinal dysraphism” which is more common in the neonatal period, namely waist opening.

Traumas (Assault or accidental brain injury)

Urgent intervention should be made to patients with head trauma in order to eliminate vital risk and improve the quality of life. Rapid diagnosis, diagnosis and maintenance of all kinds of trauma (head trauma, spine trauma, etc.) that may develop due to various accidents are carried out by the team of the brain, spinal cord and nerve surgeries, working 24 hours in conjunction with the emergency room and intensive care unit. Patients are directed to physical therapy and rehabilitation programs simultaneously.

Treatment of Functional Diseases

In cases of involuntary movement disorders such as Parkinson’s requiring a pacemaker, Epilepsy disease, Tremor, Dystonia, Major depression, OCD, Toruette Syndrome, Deep Brain Stimulation, which cannot be achieved with drug treatment, intervention is performed by the neurosurgery unit. Treatment of spasticity that occurs subsequently due to congenital causes or severe head trauma is performed through “selective dorsal rhizotomy” or “placement of baclofen pump” surgeries.

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