Body Contouring Dubai

Everyone wants to have a smooth looking body. Both men and women think their appearance is important and want to be liked. It is not enough to ask for such a body. A healthy and balanced diet, regular sports and a stress-free lifestyle are required. But factors such as the rush of daily life, work intensity, stress do not even give an opportunity to not only do regular sports or balanced nutrition, but even put a bite in our mouth. At this point, you can benefit from the works of aesthetic surgery to achieve the desired body.

A thin waist, a flat and taut abdomen, long legs, thin ankles, a steep butt, round and big breasts, full lips, a wrinkle-free face and eyes with attractive looks … These are the body that women dream of. Men, on the other hand, want to have an athletic body look with strong, broad shoulders, muscular arms and abdomen.

It is harmful to shape the body with unconscious diets. Unbalanced weight gain and loss can cause lubrication in different parts of the body. Due to the weight gained during the pregnancy of women giving birth, conditions such as cracking in the hip and abdominal region, loss of body after weight loss, and breast sagging during breastfeeding are extremely normal. It is quite easy to solve such problems with aesthetic operations. But it is up to one’s own efforts to maintain the shape of the body after the operations.

Frequently requested body shaping aesthetic operations:

o   Fat removal: Shaping the body by removing excess fat from the parts of the body.

o  Face lift: It is possible to get a younger and tense face with the advancement of age or by removing excess skin on loose skin for different reasons.

o   Face filling: From the 30s, the face starts to lose its fullness. Over time, volume loss and wrinkles are observed on the cheeks. It is possible to have a younger skin appearance by adding volume again with the filling process.

o   Forehead stretching: Factors such as advancing age, stress, and fatigue may cause wrinkles in the forehead. Genetic factors are also effective. Aesthetic treatment can be applied to eliminate problems such as low eyebrows and wrinkles in the forehead.

o   Lip filling: In this procedure, which is performed painlessly by applying local anesthesia, you can have lips with more volume and more distinct lines with the filling injected into the lips.

o   Brazilian Butt: It is an aesthetic procedure applied for an upright and plump butt look.

o   Breast lifting: Breast sagging, which is especially noticeable in women with large breasts, can be provided with a smoother operation.

o   Breast augmentation: It is an aesthetic procedure demanded by those who want to have bigger and more attractive breasts.

o   Breast reduction: It is called the preferred aesthetic operation not only for the image but also because of the discomfort such as back pain.

o   Tummy tuck: This is the procedure to get rid of unwanted fat and sagging appearance in the abdominal area.

o   Arm-Leg shaping: Shaping the sagging of the arm muscles and hips as a result of weight gain and loss with appropriate processes. Slender long legs and stretched arms will make a big difference in your appearance.

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